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Royal IHC


IHC Merwede Holding B.V.
Molendijk 94
3361 EP Sliedrecht


+31 184 41 15 55
+ 31 184 41 18 84
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The name of the below mentioned group of shipyards is since 2006 IHC MERWEDE. The following yards are participating: IHC Dredgers, IHC Beaver Dredgers, Merwede Shipyard and IHC Krimpen Shipyard.
Het predikaat "Royal" is toegekend in juni 2014 aan de holding

IHC Holland: For the history of shipbuilding by IHC yards, one can go back in time for several hundred years. As far as to 1687, when the first Smit started building ships along the borders of the river Rijn (today named de Noord). In the seventeenth century the Smit family was already constructing windmills, later on they started building ships. They did well on both arts. The windmills of Kinderdijk are still one of Hollands major tourist attractions.

IHC HOLLAND (Industrieele Handels Combinatie) were founded 1943 as a partnership firm. The merger was initiated by a major client, the Billiton Mining Company (part of Royal Dutch Shell). The objective of the six participating companies was to execute an order the construction of six tin dredgers to be delivered to Billiton's alluvial mining sites in the former Dutch (East)Indies just after World War II. IHC HOLLAND then embraced the shipyards of L.Smit & Zn and J & K Smit, both in Kinderdijk, yard De Klop in Sliedrecht, yard Gusto in Schiedam, Conrad-Stork in Haarlem and Verschure in Amsterdam. In 1965 the merger was completed, after Conrad-Stork had to step out of the combination due to their connections with VMF. After reorganising the Gusto yard was closed in 1978, followed by Verschure ceasing to exist in 1980. De Klop had merged with the Van Rees yard in Sliedrecht; on the former premises IHC now builds the stationary dredgers. In 1995 IHC celebrated the 100 years relationship with China and the delivery of dredger No. 100 to China in the very same year. The names of L. Smit & Zn and J & K Smit can still be seen on the older buildings on the yard in Kinderdijk, where IHC 's trailing suction hopper dredgers are now produced for dredging contractors and governments all over the world.

The names of Smit and IHC go back a while. In the year 1857 a first vessel was built for Japan. In 1895 the first dredger was delivered to China. IHC dredgers can be found all over the world. IHC HOLLAND developed to the leading builder of dredging equipment in the world.

IHC CALAND, today's holding company of IHC HOLLAND was able to strengthen its grip on the maritime industry by taking over two other major Dutch shipyards. Merwede ship yard in 1993 and van der Giessen-de Noord in 1997. Thus creating access to other maritime markets in case of a decreasing dredge market. Both sister yards proved to be excellent dredge builders as well. A convenient idea in a growing dredge market. IHC HOLLAND is ready for the next few centuries.

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
DC Orisant TSHD 2017 10293 kW 5450 m³
Almirante Luis Carlos Ruano Angulo TSHD 2021 2700 m³
Alyarmouk CSD 2021 3557 kW
Aries HB 1970 660 m³
Arzana TSHD 2018 9674 kW 6000 m³
Bahia San Carlos TSHD 2021 2700 m³
Castor HB 1972 660 m³
Embarka 11 CSD 2018 5940 kW
Ghasha TSHD 2020 8000 m³
Hussein Tantawy CSD 2021 29190 kW
Ilembe TSHD 2015 5500 m³
Jarash CSD 2018 3557 kW
Jun Yang 1 TSHD 2015 21028 m³
Kenmare new 1 CSD 2024 6800 kW
Kenmare new 2 CSD 2024 6800 kW
Krios CSD 2020 23886 kW
Makran 1 TSHD 2021 4975 kW 4000 m³
Makran 2 TSHD 2021 4975 kW 4000 m³
Mario Oliva Perez TSHD 2018 3700 m³
Meuse River TSHD 2020 10860 kW 7950 m³
Minerva TSHD 2017 4845 kW 3500 m³
Mohab Mameesh CSD 2021 29190 kW
New TSHD Boskalis TSHD 2026 31000 m³
Orion HB 1970 660 m³
P.R. 450 Mizar HB 1969 450 m³
Pena I HB 450 m³
Perseus HB 1975 660 m³
Pollux HB 1975 660 m³
Scheldt River TSHD 2017 10860 kW 7950 m³
Shanti Sagar 17 TSHD 2017 8760 kW 8000 m³
Shanti Sagar 18 TSHD 2017 7680 kW 8000 m³
Sirius HB 1972 660 m³
Spartacus CSD 2021 44180 kW
Taurus HB 1971 660 m³
Teunis Huibertus - type Beagle 4 TSHD 2021 4975 kW 4150 m³
Vapor Saneamineto SHD 1913 80 m³


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