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Dredgepoint - Your Dredging Intelligence Network

Since November 2021 is owned by CEDA.

CEDA aims to be the independent forum for all stakeholders involved in dredging and the wider associated industries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Through its knowledge transfer and exchange programs, products and services, CEDA enables the professional development, and corporate and personal success, of its members.

It fosters technological innovation and advancement of best practice in all dredging-related activities. It promotes the contribution of dredging to sustainable aquatic environment and infrastructure.

On this website you will find current and historical dredging equipment, with links to the companies that own them and the shipyards that built them.

The ambition of this website is to be the most complete and informative open website database in the field of dredging equipment.

RSM report

The RSM report 'The Dutch and Belgian Dredging Industry: An Exploration of the Future' indicates that several trends can strengthen the sector further: new demands for dredging, such as those resulting from global warming and coastal urbanization, and the quest for sustainability.

But there are also threats like increasing protectionism.

Download the report here.

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Unknown BLD for the port of Rochefort
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Hughes 2000 - backhoe dredge
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