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KRIOS sistership Helios - cutter suction dredger

General properties

Vessel type: 
Built in: 
Royal IHC
Yard number: 
Co. 1277
Design by: 
Royal IHC

Physical properties

Length (OA): 
152 m
Length (BP): 
127.5 m
28 m
8.9 m
Draft (loaded): 
6 m
Cutter power: 
7000 kW
Total power: 
23684 kW
Dredging depth: 
30 m
Dredging depth (extended): 
35 m

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About this equipment

According to Boskalis, the newbuild will be a sister vessel of the CSD ‘Helios’ which will be taken into service later this year 2017.

The new vessel will have a total installed power of 23,700 kW, pumping capacity of 15,600 kW and a maximum cutter capacity of 7,000 kW.

The new cutters can dredge in extremely hard ground at depths ranging from 6 to 35 meters. The new vessel is expected to be commissioned in the course of 2020.


Technical files and datasheets

No files available