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J.P. Broekhoven


Head Office van Oord
Watermanweg 64
3067 GG Rotterdam


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Postal Address

P.O. Box 8574
3009 AN

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Last updated

3 years 12 weeks ago


1989: Amsterdam Ballast, Nedam and Broekhoven merge to form Ballast Nedam

2001: Ballast Nedam Dredging and HAM merge to form Ballast HAM Dredging

2003: Ballast HAM Dredging and Van Oord ACZ merge to form van Oord

CB Member no. 102 - 1937-1989

Equipment - active

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Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Ajax BLD 1966 560 kW
Castor CSD 1983 14760 kW
Corrie SD+ 1922
Cupido SD 1962
De Does BLD 1922
Emmy SD 1932
Enkhuizen SD 1957
Faunus SD, 1972 2136 kW
Haarlem SD 1961
Harderwijk BLD 1924
Hector CSD 1985 10811 kW
Hector BLD 1958
Idas CSD 1964
J.P.B. 1 BLD 1950
J.P.B. 2 BLD 1957
Janus CSD 1966 839 kW
Jason CSD 1966 855 kW
Kampen CSD 1926
Maarssen BUD 1954
MERCURIUS CSD 1966 1620 kW
Nereus CSD 1967 1718 kW
Nestor BLD 1967
Pollux CSD 1977 5540 kW
Schiphol SD 1963
T.S. II SD 1957
Thamesmead SD 1972
Triton cz CSD 1968 4011 kW


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