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Tian Jing Hao

Tian Jing Hao -  cutter suction dredger

General properties

IMO number: 
Vessel type: 
CSD, Self-propelled
Built in: 
Yard number: 
Design by: 
Vosta LMG B.V.

Physical properties

Length (OA): 
127.5 m
Length (BP): 
103 m
23 m
8.3 m
Draft (loaded): 
5.48 m
12 knts
Cutter power: 
4200 kW
Total power: 
28500 kW
Delivery diameter: 
0.9 m
Dredging depth: 
30 m
Suction pipe diameter: 
0.9 m
Number of dredging pipes: 

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About this equipment

Name: 4500M3/H SELF-PROPELLED CUTTER SUCTION DREDGER Client: CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co.LTD. Builder: China Merchants Heavy Industry (Shenzhen) Co.LTD. Class: CCS Basic Designer: VOSTA LMG Germany Function: All-welded steel structure self-propelled cutter suction dredger with two propellers and two rudders. sailing in the international unlimited areas. Suitable for various large scale dredging work with dredging capacity of 4500m3/h. Main Particulars Hull Length over all, incl. cutter ladder and spuds 127.5m Length over deck 103.00m Breadth moulded 23m Design draught 5.48m Depth hull 8.3m Speed at 90% MCR 12 Kn Autonomy Sailing distance 8000miles Autonomy capacity during dredging 20 days Tank capacities Fuel HFO ( settling tank) 1465m3 Fuel MDO ( tanks) 212m3 Fresh water 256m3 Ballast 1897m3 Lubrication oil 80m3 Machinery Dredge pump diesel engines: 2x4400kW Main Generator /Propulsion diesel sets: 2x4400kW Auxiliary generator set: 2x880kW Berthing/Emergency generator set: 1x660kW Generators: Main generator sets: 2 x 5300kVA Auxiliary generator: 2x1000kVA Berthing emergency: 2×750KVA Electric motors: E-motor for dredge pump drive: 1×2200KW E-motor for cutter drive: 2×2100KW E-motor for ladder hoisting winch drive: 2×420KW E-motor for side winch drive: 2×550KW E-motor for bow thrusters: 1×440KW Dredging system Ladder Dredging depth: 30m Inclination 58° Cutter head: Power 4000KW Speed 0-32/32-38rpm Cutter gearbox: Speed in 1000rpm - Speed out 32rpm Inboard dredge pump(double wall): 2×3800KW Submerged pump: 2×2200KW Mixture pipe(internal diameter): 900mm Deck cranes: 2×30t Class ABS 1A1 Self-Elavating Drilling Unit CCS CSA Self Self-Elavating Drilling Unit HELDX In the morning of 19th January 2010, the ship delivery ceremony of “Tian Jing Hao”4500m3/h Self-propelled Cutter Suction Dredger held at our ship building and repairing base in Mazhou Island Nanshan Dist., Shenzhen, P.R .C.


tian_jing_hao -tian_jing_hao - cutterdredger - self propelledtian_jing_hao -tian_jing_hao - cutterdredger - self propelledtian_jing_hao -tian_jing_hao - cutterdredger - self propelled

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