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Vosta LMG B.V.


Olof Palmestraat 10
2616 LR Delft


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VOSTA LMG is a leading engineering and contracting company, serving the worldwide dredging industry. In addition to self-propelled and stationary dredgers, the company also markets various dredge component packages and offers engineering and contracting services. VOSTA LMG has nine offices -one in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, two  in Germany, Lübeck and Hamburg, two in China, one in the USA, one in India, one in Dubai, and one in Singapore. The offices in Amsterdam and Hamburg are both headquarters of VOSTA LMG.

Operating without an owned shipyard, VOSTA LMG is flexible in her approach; offering services ranging from supplying a component package to project managing the process of building a dredge from start to finish in close cooperation with a partner shipyard anywhere in the world. In addition to engineering and contracting of custom-built and standard dredges, the product range includes cutting-, suction-, discharge-, automation- and coupling systems. Components such as cutter heads, underwater cutting wheels, dredge pumps, ball joints and automation packages complete the product line. VOSTA LMG also assists in the preparation of tender documents and offers consulting services and feasibility studies to dredging contractors. Countless projects have been successfully finalized over the years. Major customers all over the world make up the reference list of the company. Engineering and components packages have been delivered to partner shipyards to service all major Dutch and Belgian dredging contractors and many customers in Europe, Asia, the USA, Middle East and North America.  

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vosta_and_asl_agreement.pdf - ZIE FILES

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Al-Farazdaq CSD 2011 1274 kW
Al-Mukthar CSD 2011 1274 kW
Al-Mutanabi CSD 2011 2064 kW
Areedo CSD 2010 1274 kW
Gaeb CSD 2006 1299 kW
Ganga CSD 2010 6310 kW
Gezhouba CSD 1998 2829 kW
Hamurabi CSD 2011 2064 kW
Inai Ixora CSD 2010 10000 kW
Inai Liatree CSD 2013 9000 kW
Jineen CSD 2003 4888 kW
Rum CSD 2005 3034 kW
Rum CSD 2009 2425 kW
sadra CSD 2002 485 kW


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