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Kansei no. 2

Kansei no. 2 reclaimer

General properties

Vessel type: 
SPEC reclaimer

Physical properties

Length (BP): 
80 m
32 m
4.8 m
Draft (loaded): 
2 m

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Last Updated

3 years 10 weeks ago

About this equipment

Pre-mixed clay reclaimer with hydraulic pump Undergone accreditation of private technology titled with [Pre-mixed method dealing with soft dredged clay] authorized by the former Hinistry of Ttransportation of Japanese Government. Equipped with cement slurry plant, cement-soil mixer and high power hydraulic pump for long distance transportaion, this working vessel pretreats soft dredged clay and makes use of this improved geo-material for various purposes. Nominal capacity is 400m3/hr. With its large spreader as long as 56m, this vessel covers placing area by 50m in radius, extending to a water depth of 20m. Through a high-pressured pipeline floating or ashore, it can transfer treated soil to 300m distant or non-treated soil to 500m~800m distant.




Technical files and datasheets

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