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Conchas - cutter suction dredger

General properties

Vessel type: 
Built in: 

Physical properties

Length (OA): 
38 m
Length (BP): 
29 m
8.5 m
2.75 m
Draft (loaded): 
1.6 m
Cutter power: 
175 kW
Total power: 
1294 kW
Delivery diameter: 
0.5 m
Dredging depth: 
14 m
Suction pipe diameter: 
0.55 m

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About this equipment

In the last week of 2011 Damen Dredging Equipment delivered the CSD500 cutter suction dredger Conchas.

Its owner, the UK-based company Marina and Ports Services, ordered the dredger in mid-October. In a mere two months the standard dredger was taken from Damen’s stock and has been fitted out with a large number of customised options.

The standard CSD500 has a maximum dredging depth of -14m. A separate wedge piece was added to enable the dredger to work at a minimum dredging depth of 1.5m.

Other functional additions include a spud carriage pontoon enhancing the efficiency of the dredgers movements due to a cylinder stroke of 4m. Anchor booms of 14m length were also added.

Other distinctive features are day accommodation (including a galley, a sanitary space and a day room); a 35 kVA harbour generator set, a 4 t jib crane facilitating servicing the dredger’s engine room area, a non-return valve in the discharge piping, a stern swivel for a smooth connection to the floating pipe line, and - as most radical addition - supplementary fuel, fresh water and sewage tanks in the fore pontoons.

At the spacious operating cabin a full communication package is available, plus the required dredge pump performance monitoring instrumentation, Dredge Pack position visualisation versus chart data and navigation lights.





Technical files and datasheets

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