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Stocznia Wisla Sp. z o.o.


1, Przełom Street
Górki Zachodnie


+48 58 307 39 53
+48 58 307 39 13
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Last updated

12 years 22 weeks ago


At present, Stocznia WISŁA is specialized in the production of  steel marine constructions, mainly equipped deckhouses, but also shipsections and complete hulls.  In our offer we also have a wide variety of fishing  vessels and other small vessels for different purposes. Since the beginning of our activity we have cooperated with many leading European shipyards, and all larger Polish shipards.  Together with our commercial partner, Navimor International, Sopot, we have executed a considerable amount of interesting and demanding contracts. The transverse slipway of Stocznia WISŁA allows the construction of vessels with lenghts up to 40 meters.  The assembly stands on Stocznia WISŁA quays allow the production of steel marine constructions with height up to 28 meters and unit weight of up to 600 tons. The modern, undergoing constant improvement equipment and the highly competent staff of Stocznia WISŁA ensure the fulfillement of even the highest quality standards imposed by our Clients.

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Douglas Bay TSHD 1976 1690 m³
Europa TSHD 1979 1439 kW 789 m³
Hugin R HB 1973 816 m³
Kinhem TSHD 1979 1439 kW 789 m³
Munin R HB 1974 816 m³
Noviomagum 664 HB 1974 816 m³
Noviomagum 665 HB 1974 816 m³
Omvac Siete GD 1979 1439 kW 789 m³
Sato Baleares HB 1971 515 kW 600 m³
Terra 1 HB 1976 660 m³


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