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Shipyard De Donge


Main Office
Portugalweg 3
Havennummer 5910
4455 TZ Nieuwdorp


+31-113-613 100
+31-113-614 190

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5 years 48 weeks ago


Op 30-03-2018 is Donge Flushing Yard B.V. te Nieuwdorp (Zeeland) door de rechtbank in Zeeland-West-Brabant failliet verklaard. 


Shipyard De Donge is a medium-sized shipyard which is specialized in the design and construction of dredging and port equipment. Our main products are dipperdredgers, splitbarges, elevating platforms, crane barges, balance dredgers, etc. Our clients are dredging contractors as well as Port Authorities. 95% of our turnover is exported.

About 30 years ago ´De Donge´ started the design, construction and charter of 'dipperdredgers' / backhoe dredgers and became the market leader in this field. We designed and constructed 85 dipperdredgers and chartered our equipment about 250 times.

In 2000 a second yard was opened in Flushing, The Netherlands and in 2005 the old yard in Raamsdonksveer was moved to another location in Raamsdonksveer.

Both yards are new, its facilities and layout is very modern. All work is carried out in indoor facilities so the work can be continued all year round, without the negative influence of rain and cold.
In 2006 both yards were extended to facilitate the development and construction of the "Backacter".

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
A.D. 10 BD 650 kW
Ali BD 2006
Ambiorix BD 1995
Antone BD 1996
At Your Service BD
Ave Ceasar BD 1998
Bayard II SP 1997 238 kW
Bystraya HB 2007 803 kW 843 m³
Colossus BD 1978 637 kW
Cornelius BD 1978 637 kW
DCI Dredge BH1 BH 2011
De Neus BD 2004 1065 kW
Denawi GD
Dilmun BD 1975 599 kW
Dinopotes BD, 1979 699 kW
Draga Peniche BH
Enola Gay (for sale) BH
Fitzcaraldo DD
GD 1000 BH 1978
GDC 1000 (ex Al Kassar ) BD 1978
Geoffrey Lislet GD
Goliath BD, 2009 3730 kW
Gunfleet Sand BD
Harry II BD 1977 512 kW
HEIN BH 1996
HH 48 BD 1976 584 kW
Hippopotes GD 1977 604 kW
Hippopotes BD, 2000 1985 kW
Huta 251 BD
IJburg DD
IJzeren Hein BD 1986 872 kW
Il Principe BD 2005 1760 kW
Jiao Chan DD
Johan van Veen HB 2007 803 kW 843 m³
Johannis de Rijke HB 2007 803 kW 843 m³
Karl Weiss DD
Katrien DD
Kurtderelli BD,
Mabroeka 10 BD, 713 kW
Machiavelli BD, 2005
Magnus BD
Massimo GD 2010
Mimar Sinan BD, 2008 3800 kW
Mjolner R BD, 1994
MP 12 BD 1977
MP 12-1 BD 1977
No Woman No Cry BHD 2009
Nord BD
Obscured by Clouds BD 2000
Pat M BD, 2001
Pion BD,
Popeye BD, 713 kW
Quetzalcoatl BD
Razende Bol BD 1998 1380 kW
Red October (for sale) BH
Roland X BD 2003
Rubicon BD 2003
Samson BD, 2008 3854 kW
Simson BD 2008 3730 kW
Skua 2 BD,
Sofala DD 1983
Storken BD, 1985 566 kW
Strawberry Fields Forever BD 1995
Styx (for sale) BD
Tauracavor BD, 1996 1674 kW
Tembe BD 1983
Vitruvius BD 2007 124 kW
W.D. DOHA BH 1977 500 kW
Witton II BD, 1984
Yoyo bhd BHD
Zeeolifant GD 1984


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