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Scheepswerf Joh. van Duijvendijk bv


The Kooiman Group
Lindtsedijk 84
3336 LE Zwijndrecht


+31-78 61 00 477
+31-78 61 00 039
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This shipyard was situated in Krimpen aan den IJssel in The Netherlands.

Since 1810, Joh. Van Duijvendijk has been involved in shipbuilding. For a very long time complete ships were built in this yard. However, since 1995, approximately twenty-five hulls have been built abroad and outfitted back in the Netherlands.

Characteristic for the company are the clever design, the competent supervision abroad and the entire outfitting and completion back home, resulting in a vessel operating satisfactorily.

In particular Joh. Van Duijvendijk is specialised in unique type of ships like hopper vessels, crane ships and vegetable oil tankers with stainless steel tanks, but also in “ordinary” container vessels.

Joh. Van Duijvendijk nowadays is a member of the Kooiman group and its projects are executed in line therewith.

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Meteoor SD 1977 1045 kW
Novamente GD 2001 825 kW
v.d. Graaf Sr. TSHD 1976 1357 m³


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