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Scheepswerf Grave BV


Maaskade 28
5361 GB Grave


+31-486-472 464
+31-486-475 988
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Grave Shipyard B.V. is a shipbuilding and repair yard for inland and coastal ships. We specialise in customers with special needs and requirements. Every ship that we build is unique. That demands customisation in the most specific sense of the word - even if the basic ship design appears to be standard.  The same extensive engineering facilities used in the construction of new ships are also suitable for carrying out repairs and refits. From simple maintenance work to major ship extensions, steel repairs and the upgrade of luxury passenger ships, customers from all over the world have chosen Grave Shipyard B.V. as their long term partner.

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Vianen GD 1971 358 kW
VOW 703 GD 1970 225 kW


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