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Gdańsk Shiprepair Yard "Remontowa" S.A.


ul.Na Ostrowiu 1
80-958 Gdansk


+48-58-307 16 00
+48-58-301 25 32
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Remontowa S.A., a leader amongst European ship repair yards and a major player on the world market, specializes in ship repairs and conversions, design and construction of new ships, offshore units and steel structures. Every year, over 200 vessels and offshore units from all over the world, are repaired or converted at Remontowa. The Group's slipways and docks allow for the construction of: ferries, container carriers, training and research ships, offshore units, floating docks and steel structures. Remontowa S.A. operates 7 floating docks. The yard's quays are fully equipped with the essential infrastructure, including 24 cranes able to lift up to 300 t.
The company, along with several affiliated companies and subsidiaries, members of REMONTOWA Group, offers a comprehensive range of ship repair and shipbuilding related services and marine equipment supplies.
The shipyard was established in 1952. Following the privatization in 2001, Remontowa S.A. celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2007.

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Homar GD 1971 592 kW


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