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Dravo Corporation Pittsburg


Neville Island
5500 Grand Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15225
United States


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1919 - 1983
Ceased activities

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Dravo's Neville Island shipyard, in Pittsburgh, was started in 1919.  It was activated by the Navy for WWII, to build LSTs, with an investment of $12mm.  After the war it was a ship scrapping facility for a few years and then returned to building inland river barges and towboats.  It closed in 1983.  


Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Barth TSHD 1945 1395 kW 535 m³
Crofton TSHD 1932
Davison TSHD 1945 1398 kW 535 m³
Dredge 32 CSD 1932 1193 kW
Dredge 32 CSD 1932 1193 kW
Dredge 32 CSD 1932
Dundee SD 1932
Grafton CSD 1932 1193 kW
James F.C. Hyde TSHD 1945 535 m³
Lyman TSHD 1945 1398 kW 535 m³
Ockerson SD 1931
Potter SD 1931 5475 kW
Sainte Genevieve CSD 1932 1300 kW
William A. Thompson CSD 1937
William A. Thompson. CSD 1937 2088 kW


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