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Dalian Liaonan Shipyard


1 Yanhai Street, Lushunkou Qu, Dalian -Liaoning
116041 Liaoning


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Since 2009 a joint venture with IHC Merwede

Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company (DSIC), located in Dalian, Liaoning province, China, is the largest shipbuilding company in China. It is part of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), one of the two state-owned shipbuilding enterprises in China.

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Cornelis Lely HB 2011 3239 kW 2850 m³
Feng Long BW 2010 5575 kW
Gang Hai Jun 316 CSD 2008 5575 kW
Gang Hai Jun 326 CSD 2008 5575 kW
Gang Hai Jun 336 CSD 2008 5575 kW
Gang Hai Jun 356 CSD 2008 5575 kW
Gang Hai Jun 516 CSD 2010 13270 kW
Gang Hai Jun 526 CSD 2010 13270 kW
Gang Hai Jun 536 CSD 2010 13270 kW
Gang Hai Jun 556 CSD 2010 13270 kW
Gang Hai Jun 566 CSD 2011 13270 kW
Gang Hai Jun 576 CSD 2011 13270 kW
Gang Hang Jun 6 CSD 2009 5575 kW
Gang Hang Jun 7 CSD 2009 5575 kW
Hai Yang Ying Xiong CSD 2009 5575 kW
han long CSD 2011 13270 kW
Hua An Long CSD 2011 13270 kW
Hua Tai Long CSD 2011 13270 kW
Jan Blanken HB 2009 3239 kW 2850 m³
Jan Leeghwater HB 2010 3239 kW 2850 m³
Jian Long CSD 2010 6275 kW
Lorentz HB 2009 3159 kW 2850 m³
Pieter Caland HB 2011 3239 kW 2850 m³
Shen Yuan CSD 2008 5575 kW
Xuan Long CSD 2011 13270 kW
Yi Long CSD 2010 5575 kW
Zhong Guo Shui Dian J07 CSD 2010 5575 kW


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