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Weeks Marine, Inc.


Corporate Headquarters
4 Commerce Drive
Cranford NJ 07016-3598
United States


+1-908-272 4010
+1-908-272 4740

Last updated

10 years 41 weeks ago


From a humble beginnings as a two crane stevedoring company, family owned Weeks Marine, Inc. has expanded into six divisions and now operates more than 500 cranes, tugs, dredges, barges and other pieces of waterborne equipment. To describe the many services and capabilities Weeks Marine has to offer is no easy task. On any given day, Weeks could be dredging a shipping channel in the Virgin Islands, performing a salvage operation in the Chesapeake Bay, restoring a beach in sunny Florida, and building a pier near the St. Lawrence channel.

The employees of Weeks Marine tend to the duties of the business with a seriousness and dedication that sets us apart from the competition. From the executives and managers to the operators and shoremen, the Weeks' employees have a demeanor that reflects pride and respect for the entire Weeks Marine organization.


Company History
Originally founded by Francis Weeks in 1919, the Weeks Stevedoring Company started with two cranes in the Port of New York, handling bunker coal and dry ballast. By the beginning of World War II, they had purchased their seventh crane and were loading military equipment bound for Europe to support the Allied Forces. The workload of the war overseas had taken its toll on the Weeks fleet, so after WWII, the wooden hulls of the cranes were replaced with steel hulls, creating the Weeks #6 and #7.
In the 1950s, the Weeks Stevedoring Company ventured into a number of marine projects outside the field of stevedoring. The company performed salvage and dredging work, installed navigational aids for the United States Coast Guard, and even constructed a breakwater to protect the air shaft leading from the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to Governors Island. They also became the prime contractor assigned to remove abandoned wooden vessels for the Army Corp of Engineers, work still contracted today. In 1958, Weeks purchased their first crane to be used exclusively outside the field of stevedoring, the Weeks #500.

In 1960, Weeks brought their first vessels to the fleet as two 120’ x 38’ deck barges were built by Richmond Steel for the company. In 1962, they added their first dump scow, the Weeks #250, a 171’ x 43’ vessel. Also in 1962, the Weeks Contracting Company was formed to remove limitations which might restrict the company in ventures they would choose to pursue.

Over the next ten years, the Weeks barge fleet had grown proportionally, creating a vital infrastructural core of the Weeks operation today. During the 1970s, the first dredge, the “Venture,” a 169’ x 41’ x 30” hydraulic dredge, and the first large tug, the “William J. McPhillips,” a 105’ 2400 horse power single screw tug, were purchased in an effort to broaden the company even further.

In the 1980s and 90s, the Weeks organization grew by leaps and bounds by acquiring the assets of well respected marine companies. During that time, Weeks substantial acquisitions were M.P. Howlett, a New York based stevedoring company, in 1983, American Dredging Company, one of the most famous dredging companies in history, in 1993, and T.L. James, another dredging company based in Louisiana, in 1998.

Equipment - active

Type Number Power Volume
Trailing suction hopper dredgers 4 14415 kW 19196 m³
Cutter suction dredgers 8 75585 kW
Grab dredgers 4 4810 kW
Water injection dredgers 1 633 kW
Name Type Built Power Volume
B.E. Lindholm TSHD 1985 7256 kW 3058 m³
BTD 100 Capt. Frank CSD 7887 kW
BTD 110 GD Morgan CSD 9193 kW
J.S. Chatry CSD 2018 17352 kW
Magdalen TSHD 2017 6540 m³
R.B. Weeks TSHD 2022 6540 m³
RN Weeks TSHD 1987 7159 kW 3058 m³
W 551 GD 1566 kW
W208 WID 633 kW
W300 EW Ellefsen CSD 1982 10444 kW
W302 Venture CSD 6711 kW
W308 RS Weeks CSD 1980 8206 kW
W310 Borinquen CSD 1997 2557 kW
W315 CR McCaskill CSD 2012 13235 kW
W506 GD 1641 kW
W549 GD 969 kW
Weeks 646 GD 634 kW

Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Arkansas CSD 2685 kW
Atlantic American TSHD 1987 7159 kW 3058 m³
Beachbuilder SD, 1982 7480 kW
BTD-2 CSD 2160 kW
BTD-51 CSD 2682 kW
George D Williams CSD 6860 kW
Natchez CSD 2980 kW
Paul F Jahncke CSD 3725 kW
Port Arthur CSD 2607 kW
Tom James CSD 6042 kW
Vicksburg CSD 3353 kW
Weeks 312 CSD 2003 5128 kW
Weeks 313 CSD
Weeks 314 CSD
Weeks 542 GD 634 kW
Wisconsin GD 1965 637 kW


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