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J.E.McAmis Inc.


621 Country Drive
Chico CA 95928
United States


+1-530-891 5061
+1-530-891 0904
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Last updated

10 years 29 weeks ago


For over 35 years, J.E. McAmis Inc. has developed innovative methods to successfully complete a wide variety of projects in challenging conditions for some of the most demanding clients in the United States. J.E. McAmis Inc. has an exceptional track record of delivering difficult projects in harsh environments throughout the United States. J.E. McAmis Inc. has many construction specialties including: consolidated materials dredging, drilling and blasting, jetty and breakwater construction, levee construction, levee stabilization, maintenance dredging, shoreline stabilization, environmental restoration, beach re-nourishment, slurry wall and relief trench construction, ordnance screening and disposal, sand capping, Superfund clean-up, and oil and gas industry support.

Equipment - active

Type Number Power Volume
Grab dredgers 1
Name Type Built Power Volume
Macy Renee GD

Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Megan-Renee BH 2005


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