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Inai Kiara Sdn Bhd


Head Office
Bangunan OPA
Saujana Resort - Section U2
Shah Alam SL 40150


+603-7847 5710
+603-7847 5713
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INAI KIARA SDN BHD (Inai Kiara) emerged as a major player in the dredging, reclamation and marine - related construction industry in Malaysia from its humble beginnings as a small dredging concern way back in May 1997. With a proven track record in Malaysia, Inai Kiara's services are rendered with the support of more than 2,000 employees which include professional advisors, technical advisors, managers, engineers and skilled manpower.

This is combined with a state of the art dredging fleet; which includes the very first Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger ever registered under the Malaysian Flag,  along with other marine construction plant and fleet such as a Piling Barge, Grab Dredgers, Back - Hoe Dredgers, Anchor Boats, Tug Boats, Survey Launches, Flat Top and Hopper Barges. After 10 years propelling the company to be Malaysia's Premier Dredging Contractor, Inai Kiara Sdn Bhd now embarks into ship building to complement it's growth and expansion.

In addition, the company's professionalism and experience have enabled Inai Kiara to be the leading dredging and reclamation contractor in the region today.

Since 2016 the company is in bad financial state.

Equipment - active

Type Number Power Volume
Trailing suction hopper dredgers 5 11857 kW 40360 m³
Cutter suction dredgers 8 53237 kW
Backhoe dredges 3 1044 kW
Grab dredgers 1
Water injection dredgers 1 2356 kW
Hopper barges 12 13060 m³
Special and other equipment 1
Name Type Built Power Volume
Inai Cendana II BD 1044 kW
Inai Dahlia CSD 1976 8277 kW
Inai Delima CSD 2008 4960 kW
Inai Ixora CSD 2010 10000 kW
Inai Kantan CSD 9000 kW
Inai Kekwa TSHD 1993
Inai Kenanga TSHD 2016 34600 m³
Inai Kencana BD
Inai Kesuma TSHD 1963 1320 m³
Inai Lavender TSHD 1984 5936 kW 2200 m³
Inai Liatree CSD 2013 9000 kW
Inai Melawis GD
Inai Penaga CSD 2010 9300 kW
Inai Raya BD
Inai Rose 1 HB 1500 m³
Inai Rose 11 HB 1500 m³
Inai Rose 1202 HB 1991 1280 m³
Inai Rose 1203 HB 1994 1280 m³
Inai Rose 21 HB 500 m³
Inai Rose 23 HB 1000 m³
Inai Rose 28 HB 1994 1000 m³
Inai Rose 31 HB 1993 1000 m³
Inai Rose 33 HB 1000 m³
Inai Rose 38 HB 1000 m³
Inai Rose 41 HB 1993 1000 m³
Inai Rose 43 HB 1000 m³
Inai Saga CSD 2008 2700 kW
Inai Tanjung 181 SPEC
Inai Tecoma TSHD 1986 5921 kW 2240 m³
Inai Terasek WID 2008 2356 kW
Rimba Akasia CSD 2008

Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Danet Al Shuaiba TSHD 1973 7116 kW 2830 m³
Duke of S.A. TSHD 1973 7116 kW 2830 m³
Inai Anggerik TSHD 1971 8234 kW 8125 m³
Inai Jasmine TSHD 2011 6300 kW 8800 m³
Inai Kasturi TSHD 2012 13000 m³
Inai Mawar GD 1991
Inai Melati GD 1978
Inai Melor GD 1983
Inai Petunia TSHD 1985 13835 kW 12535 m³
Inai Saffron TSHD 2010 6300 kW 8800 m³
Inai Selasih TSHD 1970 15384 kW 9075 m³
Inai Seroja TSHD 1992 14180 kW 11750 m³
Inai Siantan TSHD 1984 5799 kW 3910 m³
Inai Tulip TSHD 1972 10369 kW 6803 m³
Inai Vanilla TSHD 1973 7116 kW 2830 m³
Kiara Temasek BD 1492 kW
Taurus TSHD 1997 1320 m³


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