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Heinrich Hirdes GmbH


Bauhofstr 8b
21079 Hamburg


+49-40-766 0940
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Today the Heinrich Hirdes GmbH is one of the leading German companies in hydraulic engineering with headquarters in Hamburg and branches in Bremen, Kiel and Rostock. From the very beginning our company has guaranteed customer-oriented operations for public and private clients. We offer solutions, which are technically and economically optimised, with flexible reaction to our client's demands and wishes. Our broad inventory of high-performance equipment for dredging and marine construction enables us to select the right tool for any job. Our company became a first class address in the business by its highly qualified employees, with their skills, experience, professionalism and, above all, their attitude towards quality, security and realization of best possible results.

Since the 1st October, 1991, the Heinrich Hirdes GmbH is a subsidiary company of Royal Boskalis Westminster NV.

Equipment - active

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Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Bremen old BLD 1913 368 kW
Emden bld BLD 1956 489 kW
Friesland HH208 TSHD 1977 1125 kW 773 m³
Hansa HKS 9 ( HH 39 ) BLD 1974 912 kW
Heinrich Hirdes TSHD 1982 2475 kW 1961 m³
HH 64 GD 101 kW
HH 65 SD 1942
HH 66 BD, 405 kW
HH 67 BD,
HH 68 BD,
HH 71 BD,
HH 80 Donau CSD 1969 1040 kW
HH 86 Hunte BUD 1968 1632 kW
HH 93 BD, 1981
Hisan El Bahr CSD 1971 1155 kW
Nordland CSD 1989 6454 kW


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