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Dunbar & Sullivan


Cleveland OH
United States


(216) 6687

Postal Address

P.O. Box 538

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1844 - 1962
Ceased activities

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1 year 12 weeks ago


The Dunbar & Sullivan Dredging Company of Cleveland, Ohio was originally founded in Buffalo (New York) 1844. The company also called Detroit, Michigan home before relocating to Cleveland. Subsidiary operations have been located in Duluth, Minnesota as well. During its years of operation, Dunbar & Sullivan has provided services for submarine rock excavation, hydraulic and dipper dredging, land reclamation by hydraulic fill, ship channel dredging, river and harbor improvements, dock construction, pile driving, and pipeline/cable laying. Dunbar and Sullivan has been actively involved in the development of the marine navigation support infrastructure in the Great Lakes and Mississippi valley regions since the mid-nineteenth century. Municipal development projects for sewage treatment plants and bridges have also been completed. In 1902 a partnerships was formed with the Whitney Bros. Co. (1889-1932);(Later known as Merritt, Chapman and Whitney (1932-1936); and Merritt, Chapman and Scott.) The acquisition of Merritt, Chapman and Scott (founded in 1860) expanded Dunbar and Sullivan's engineering market in the 1960s. They abandoned dredging activities in 1962, and focussed on engineering.

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Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Alabama CSD
Brian Boru
Empire DD 1932
Finan Moore GD
Hercules GD
M. Sullivan DD 1933
Niagara CSD 1913
Old Hickory DD 1907
Omadhoun DD 1921
Pocantico DD 1906
The Clyde GHD 1922
Tipperary Bay DD 1901


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