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Costain Blankevoort Dredging Ltd.


111 Westminster bridge RD
United Kingdom


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5 years 8 weeks ago


CB NR. B 5


The company COSTAIN-BLANKEVOORT (U.K.) DREDGING COMPANY LIMITED was set up on 01.04.1964 and is based on THE CLOCK HOUSE 140 LONDON ROAD GUILDFORD SURREY GU1 1UW. The company’s status is listed as dissolved and it had 10 directors at the time it closed. CORNELIS ARNOLDUS ZUIDERWIJK was the first director of this company.

Equipment - active

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Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Al Wassl Bay CSD 1979 6140 kW
Alpha Bay TSHD 1980 9083 kW 4735 m³
Bengal Bay CSD 1968 1620 kW
Clyde Bay GD 1966 828 kW
Delta Bay TSHD 1971 8900 kW 9000 m³
Dubai Bay CSD 1975 2320 kW
Gamma Bay TSHD 1981 6523 kW 2500 m³
GC 306 HB 1978 1530 kW 1650 m³
GC 307 HB 1978 1530 kW 1650 m³
GC 308 HB 1978 1530 kW 1650 m³
Global Bay CSD 1974
Jebel Ali Bay CSD 1977
Jumeira Bay CSD 1977 7749 kW
Maktoum Bay CSD 1978 7749 kW
Nassau Bay CSD 1966 5100 kW
Port Harcourt CSD 1960 2200 kW
Ruamahanga CSD 1964
Tees Bay TSHD 1966 2800 m³
Thames Bay HB 1966 600 m³
Tyne Bay HB 1966 600 m³
Zabeel Bay CSD 1978 7749 kW


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