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Bilfinger Berger AG


Carl Reiss Platz 1-5
68165 Mannnheim


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Last updated

8 years 26 weeks ago

Equipment - active

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Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Ameland CSD 1978 3677 kW
Bilberg 1 CSD 1986 15680 kW
Falkland CSD 1980 2544 kW
Friesland BLD 1969
G & B 9 CSD 1938
Gotland csd 1978 7602 kW
Helgoland CSD 1967 3566 kW
Langeland CSD 1977 7602 kW
Lolland CSD 1980 2540 kW
Neuland CSD 1981 2544 kW
NGB - ZI SPEC 1976 2142 kW
No. 185 BLD
No. 8 BLD
Wiesbaden TSHD 1969 6730 kW 4043 m³


Name Country
Bilfinger + Berger Dredging B.V. Netherlands
Grün & Bilfinger Germany

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