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Ballast HAM Dredging




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On Tuesday, 26 June 2001, after the close of trading in Amsterdam, the construction and the dredging groups Ballast Nedam and HBG signed the contract merging their two dredging companies. The merger creates a business with revenues of 635 million euros and a workforce of around 2,000. The company’s name will be Ballast HAM Dredging, and it will rank among the leading players in the international dredging market.

A hopper fleet with a combined capacity of 160,000 m3, including three jumbo hoppers, and a heavy cutter suction dredger capacity of 66,000 kW make the new joint venture world market leader in important segments of the dredging industry. Ballast HAM Dredging will operate on a stand-alone basis, be self-financing and have a strong balance sheet, creating an excellent platform for further expansion of the market position.
During the informative shareholders meeting on 26 June HBG attempted to convince its shareholders that there are substantial advantages to merging the activities of HAM and Ballast Nedam Dredging. However, it became clear that some shareholders did not agree with our view. They advised the meeting that it was to consider legal actions, which has been proceeded in the meanwhile. HBG has every confidence that the outcome of these legal proceedings will be in the Group's favour.
The operational preparations for a rapid and smooth integration are on schedule. The management of Ballast HAM Dredging will be formed by Messrs D. de Waard, chairman [former managing director of HAM and currently member of the HBG Board of Management], A.H. Godri [currently managing director of Ballast Nedam International], J. van Herwijnen [currently chairman and managing director of HAM], A. Kok [currently financial director of Ballast Nedam Dredging] and O.F. Verkerke [currently managing director of HAM].
The procedure for clearing the merger with the European authorities in connection with competition legislation has commenced. The Employee Councils of both Ballast Nedam and HBG have recommended in favour of the establishment of Ballast HAM Dredging

Source Royal BAM Group


Company merged with van Oord Rotterdam in 2004

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Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Castor CSD 1983 14760 kW
Geopotes 14 TSHD 1984 11326 kW 7472 m³
Geopotes 15 TSHD 1985 12445 kW 9962 m³
Haarlem CSD 1984 6104 kW
HAM 318 TSHD 2001 28600 kW 23697 m³
Hector CSD 1985 10811 kW
Hercules CSD 1977 7749 kW
Lelystad TSHD 1986 15974 kW 10329 m³
MO.10011 until MO.10016 HB 1969 1000 m³
Rotterdam TSHD 2001 27470 kW 21665 m³
Sliedrecht 34 CSD 1986 4884 kW


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