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Baggermaatschappij Holland bv



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CB member no. 31 1935-1996 Company sold to Boskalis november 1996

Equipment - active

We found no active equipment for this owner.
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Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Biesbosch CSD 1964 488 kW
Ceres CSD 1990 1425 kW
Colossus BD 1978 637 kW
Den Bevert SD 1970 1765 kW
Den Otter SD 1978 935 kW
Dintel BLD 1954
Hardinxveld TSHD 1983 2471 kW 1428 m³
Holland I BLD 1967 927 kW
Holland II BUD 1946
Holland III BLD 1929
Holland IV SD 1906
Holland IX BLD 257 kW
Holland V BLD 1953
Holland VI SD 1952 712 kW
Holland VII BLD 1957
Holland VIII BUD 1957
Holland X BUD 1939 173 kW
Holland XI BLD 1929
Holland XII CSD 1963
Holland XV BLD 1941
Holland XVII BLD 1963
Holland XVIII CSD 1964
Holland XXIV CSD 1958 1648 kW
Holland XXVI CSD 1966 1155 kW
Luna HB HB 600 m³
Mars HB HB 1977 660 m³
Mercurius CSD 1984 3843 kW
Nautilus TSHD 1996 4659 kW 4405 m³
Neptune TSHD 1983 2216 kW 1290 m³
Noorderklip CSD 1967 2090 kW
Pluto HB HB 1977 660 m³
Roompot SD 1954
Roompot CSD 1966
Saturnus bld BLD 1954 460 kW
Schouwen SD 1955
Texel BH BH 1973 276 kW
Uranus HB 1977 660 m³
Voorburg BUD 1955 419 kW
Zuiderklip CSD 1985 3998 kW


Name Country
Gebr. Wijnands Netherlands

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