About Buy & Sell

The Dredgepoint  Buy & Sell database can be seen as the 'marketplace' for the global dredging industry.

Visitors can use it for sourcing new and used parts that are offered. Finding that parts or equipment can be done by using the category structure in which all items are classified.

You can also use the search option. For example, the search "floating" will produce all items like floating pipelines, floating cranes etc. You can further  filter by selecting "offered" or  "wanted".

In the Buy & Sell module the focus lies on the actual parts that are for sale.

Anyone is allowed to use this module in order to sell their own goods (as long as they are interesting for the dredging industry).

Persons interested in the items that are offered will contact the seller directly. Dredgepoint is just the platform provider.

A page in the buy&sell module is only € 24,- per annum, just € 2,- per page per month. The page is yours during this period. If an item is sold, the page can be reused for selling another item.  We have a special offer for suppliers and professional users.

Purchasing pages can be done online through our Webshop.
When the purchase process is completed you will automatically receive your passwords and your invoice by email.

Can you think of another way to reach such a large global and specific crowd to promote your business?

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