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Zenit Ambiente


Zenit Ambiente Srl
Via del Carmine 18
19121 La Spezia


Contact person: 
Leonardo Canini
+39 0187 77 82 77
+39 0187 75 27 18
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ISO 9000: 2008

Last updated

9 years 1 week ago


Our company provides the full range of products and anti-pollution equipment; uses modern technology is to create objects fit for treatment of pollutants, the constant search for both, and thus to offer its customers the best products in terms of effectiveness and of value for money. E 'ISO 9000: 2008 In summary, the Zenit Srl Environment: designs and manufactures fixed or temporary, for containing and absorbing oil, oily substances and pollutants dispersed water; distributes products: minerals (ZENIT ZENIT ® ® A and D, sepiolite) Plants (FITOSORB ®, FITOSORB ® Plus) and absorbent fibers (ZENIT ® PULP) for the collection of oil both on land and water, and diluted degrassanti last generation drying, dehumidifying, dehydrating Products made fiber ZENIT ® PULP (sheets, rolls and Oil absorbent booms) and dispersant ECO83 are approved by Ministry of Environment according to the DM 12.23.2002 which shall determine the suitability for use on water. Our granules have been tested by authoritative institutions such as the Experimental Centre Street ANAS Cesano (RM), laboratory PH Florence, authorized by the Ministry of Environment, the Institute of Chemistry and Applied Physics of the Italian Ministry of Defense, the Federal Monistry of Enviroment, in Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety Germany.


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