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Website - Bert Visser´s Directory of Dredgers




Contact person: 
Bert Visser
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Last updated

9 years 17 weeks ago


Bert Visser´s was the first non-commercial site to create an overview of the dredgers of the world.

Mr. Visser who has a fulltime job with the Dutch `Rijkswaterstaat`(Government for Roads, Ports and Waterways) started the site as a hobby, and it still is! Many of us, people in Dredging, have visted Bert´s site many times over the years. Mr. Visser offered Dredgepoint to use his database as the start for our database. (We can´t thank him enough for that)

Mr. Visser is also a famous writer for the Dredging Magazine DPC

Beside an overview of dredgers, also provides you with Dredging News, Articles and pictures.

One to watch!


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