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International Crew Service | ICS


Rivium 2e straat 41b
2909 LG Capelle aan den IJssel


+31 (0) 10 266 94 55
+ 31 (0) 10 266 94 56
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7 years 4 weeks ago


International Crew Services is a global personnel provider operating in the dredging, maritime infrastructure and maritime services sectors. We provide creative and innovative all-round personnel solutions to infrastructural challenges in the maritime, coastal and delta regions of the world. ICS is a young company, set up in 2007, but our founders and staff have a wealth of experience in all aspects of the industry.
Total crew management

At ICS, we have built up an extensive database of qualified personnel active in all sectors of the maritime industry. Our crewing managers maintain regular contact with the personnel in the database and assess new candidates daily so that we can respond to clients' requests without delay. With such a wide range of talent and expertise at our disposal, we can supply individual crew members within 24-48 hours. But we can do much more than 'fill the gaps' in your crew requirements, we can also help you find permanent staff and project personnel. ICS can support you throughout the whole process, from individual recruitment and selection to total crew management.
Challenging work under the best conditions

ICS cares about the people we work with. We understand that their work must be challenging and provide an environment in which they can learn and grow. We are committed to finding the best employment conditions to match their wishes and expertise. Through our global network of clients, we can offer temporary, project or permanent employment in a wide variety of locations around the world.



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