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Dredge Yard


Weena 750
3014 DA Rotterdam


+31 85 3035 866
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Dredge Yard is dedicated to the market of dredging and mining components, equipment and dredging and mining technology. 

Dredge Yard's mission: to deliver reliable, high quality and cost effective solutions for transport of water, sand and slurry by using the latest technologies in design, simulation, testing and manufacturing. 

Dredge Yard consists of a dedicated team from different countries aiming to design the best dredge and mining components and equipment to ensure on time delivery, cost effective production, low maintenance, low operation cost and high grade of reliability of the products. 

• supplies dredging and mining components needed for the dredging operations, dredge pipe lines, mining, water and slurry transport. 

• offers dredge engineering for dredgers, dredge and mining related equipment and steel structures for the bidding, tendering and manufacturing of new dredge parts or for modification of existing dredgers or dredge and mining equipment. 

• offers consulting regarding dredge and mining components, dredge and mining concept design, quality control, maintenance and repair of dredgers, dredge tender and bidding of dredge parts and spare parts systems for dredgers. 

Some of the dredge and mining components that Dredge Yard delivers: Ball joint, Suction mouth, Pipe pieces, Turning gland, Dredge bucket, Gate valve, Drag head, Quick release coupling, Bow coupling, Dredge pump, Bearing block, Double walled pump, Submersible pump unit, Cutter head, Cutter teeth, Cutter bearing and drive, Jet nozzle, Discharge pipes, Inspection piece, Wire sheaves, Swivel bend, Sliding piece, Rubber Hose, Non-return valve, Anchor booms, Hopper overflow, Bottom doors, Suction pipe gantry, Gimble, Dredge Spuds, Spud carrier, Bress valve, Bucket wheel, Dredge winch, Production meter, Suction arm assembly, Booster stations, Cutter suction dredgers, Trailing suction hopper dredger, and Split barges    



  • Anchor Booms
  • Castings
  • Cutter Heads
  • Cutters & Bucket ladders (Steelwork)
  • Dragheads
  • Dredge Pipes & Tubes
  • Dredge Valves
  • Dredger Components
  • Pumps
  • Pumps - Dredging
  • Rubber Parts & Hoses
  • Spuds & Spud Carriage
  • Suctionpipe Gantry


  • Dredge Suction Mouth
  • Dredge Turning gland
  • Dredge bucket
  • Dredge Gate valve
  • Quick release coupling
  • Dredge Bow coupling
  • Dredge Bearing block
  • Dredge Cutter teeth
  • Dredge Cutter bearing and drive
  • Dredge Jet nozzle
  • Dredge Discharge pipes
  • Dredge Inspection piece
  • Dredge Wire sheaves
  • Dredge Swivel bend
  • Dredge Bucket wheel
  • Dredge winch
  • Dredge Production meter
  • Dredge Suction arm assembly
  • Dredge Booster stations
  • Cutter suction dredgers
  • Trailing suction hopper dredger
  • Split barges
  • Dredge Cutter Head


  • Dredge Engineering
  • Dredge Consulting

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