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Allard Europe


Allard Europe NV
Veedijk 51
Industriezone 4
2300 Turnhout


+32 14 42 11 11
+32 14 42 52 00
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Last updated

8 years 33 weeks ago


Allard-Europe manufactures castings from a few kilograms up to +37 Metric tonnes, offering a material range from low to high alloy steel and iron. Flexibility, reliable deliveries and continuous investments in innovative techniques and tools, make Allard-Europe strong in a competitive international market. In addition, more investments will assure an important expansion in the future. Our in-house finishing workshop with CNC machines (up to Ø10m) and heat treatment furnaces provide us with the capability to finish everything to the highest quality standards under our own control.


  • Bucket & Cutting Wheel Parts
  • Castings
  • Cutter Heads
  • Cutters & Bucket ladders (Steelwork)
  • Dragheads
  • Dredge Pipes & Tubes - Ball Joints
  • Dredge Pipes & Tubes - Bow & Shore Connection
  • Dredge Pipes & Tubes - Suction & Discharge Hoses
  • Dredge Pipes & Tubes - Suction Mouths
  • Dredge Pipes & Tubes - Swivels
  • Dredge Pipes & Tubes - Trailing Pipes
  • Dredge Pipes & Tubes - Turning Gland
  • Dredge Pipes & Tubes - Y & Fork Pieces
  • Pumps - Dredging - DOP pumps
  • Sheaves & Blocks
  • Shore Delivery Pipe Lines - Ball Joints
  • Sliding Piece
  • Spuds & Spud Carriage


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