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Alia Instruments


Office Alia Instruments
Institutenweg 25A
7521PH Enschede


Contact person: 
Jan Peters
+31 (0) 85 77 31 436
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3 weeks 12 hours ago


Alia Instruments helps dredging companies improve their production monitoring with our non-nuclear slurry density meter. The Alia Density Meter (ADM) is the ideal choice for a dredging application:

1. Non-nuclear;

2. simple and robust;

3. Accurate and reliable;

4. Easy installation;

5. No difficult and time-consuming calibration;

6. Measurement of all materials.

In short: You can easily install, maintain and use it!

We produced 50 quality ISO 9001 instruments to clients in different industries worldwide.


  • Dredging Automation - Hardware
  • Dredging Control Systems - Density & Velocity Measurement
  • Repair & Overhaul - Electrics & Electronics, Repair and Updating


  • Dredging Instrumentation
  • Production Monitoring
  • Automation


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