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Zhoushan Zhaobao Shipyard




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Dredging Vessel BEHR KUSHA is a Trailer Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD), which was built at Zhaobao Shipyard China in 2004 and formally inducted in PN on 15 August 2008 after necessary refurbishment/repairs. The vessel is suitably equipped with modern gear/ sensors to conduct maintenance dredging of harbours, approaches, channels and basins etc. HPN issues ‘Dredging Instructions’ (DI) to the vessel keeping in view PN requirements encompassing technical details whereas, operational control of the dredger is exercised by HQ COMPAK

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Behr Kusha TSHD 2008 1600 m³
Formosa Dredger 1 TSHD 2008
Jin Le Jun 1 TSHD 2006 5400 m³
Marg Vaigai TSHD 2006 5400 m³
Mehad 1 BWD 2011
Navayuga 6 TSHD 2008 7500 m³
Puncak Bejar CSD
Qian Feng Kuang 6 --- 2011
Shanti Sagar IV TSHD 2007 5200 m³
Yong Le Jun 1 TSHD 2006 5400 m³
Zhe Shui Jian 18 TSHD 2008 7500 m³


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