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Wm Simons & Co Ltd.


United Kingdom

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The shipbuilders Simons and Lobnitz were based in Renfrew. William Simons and Company had begun business elsewhere but settled in Renfrew in 1860. During World War II the rival shipbuilding firm Lobnitz, apart from shipbuilding, designed and built Mulberry Harbours which were used to offload cargo on a beach during the Allied invasion of Normandy. Simons-Lobnitz Ltd was established in 1959 when G & J Weir Holdings Ltd, pump manufacturers, Glasgow, took over Lobnitz & Co Ltd, shipbuilders, Renfrew, Scotland, and merged it with William Simons & Co Ltd, ship and dredger builders, Renfrew, Scotland, which had been acquired by G & J Weir Ltd in 1957. Simons and Lobnitz were famous for building sand dredgers. The Renfrew ship yards closed in the early 1960s. Source: Wikipedia (see link above)  

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
254-C TSHD 1950 2000 m³
Basra TSHD 1937 1750 m³
Bhagirathi TSHD 1957 3000 m³
Bontebok TSHD 1953
Corozal BLD 1911 750 m³
Dunedin 222 BLD 1882
Gertrude Grigg TSHD 1937 416 kW 685 m³
Jalengi TSHD 1950 4000 m³
Kirkuk TSHD 1924 1500 m³
M.O.P. 223-C TSHD 1946 1144 m³
M.O.P. 227-C TSHD 1950 2000 m³
Madras SHD 1904
Presidente Aleman TSHD 1948 2435 m³
Rietbok TSHD 1930
Sir Shanmukham TSHD 1937 416 kW 685 m³
W.D. 54 GD 1937 816 m³
W.D. Europe BLD 1955


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