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Southern Shipbuilding Corporation


Slidell La
United States

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1880 - 1993
Ceased activities

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10 years 19 weeks ago


The shipyard in Slidell was originally established by Fritz Salmen in the 1880s: it became Slidell Shipbuilding in 1914, Louisiana Shipbuilding in 1916, and Canulette Shipbuilding in 1919.  It was sold in 1954 and renamed J. & S. Shipbuilding, then sold again in 1957 and renamed Southern Shipbuilding.  Southern Shipbuilding closed in 1993 and the facility has been razed.

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Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Al-Qadisiyah TSHD 1977 5290 kW 2750 m³
Al-Qadisiyah TSHD 1977 5290 kW 2750 m³
Dodge Island TSHD 1980 7010 kW 2750 m³
Manhattan Island TSHD 1977 5290 kW 2750 m³
Northerly Island TSHD 1983 3670 kW 1650 m³
Padre Island TSHD 1981 5620 kW 2750 m³
RSA Marine 2 TSHD 1983 3670 kW 2000 m³
Sandy Hook TSHD 1988 2390 kW 3900 m³
Sugar Island TSHD 1979 7010 kW 2750 m³
UDC Blue TSHD 1983 3670 kW 1650 m³


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