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Simons-Lobnitz & Co. Ltd.


United Kingdom

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1957 - 1964
Ceased activities

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3 years 19 weeks ago


The company was descended from Coulburn Lobnitz & Company, established in 1874, and the adjacent shipyard of William Simons & Co, established in 1860. Both builders specialised in the construction of dredgers and hopper barges. The two companies amalgamated in 1957 as Simons-Lobnitz Ltd. Faced with declining business the Renfrew yard finally closed in 1964 after some 1300 dredgers as well as barges and tugs had been built at the site

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Angelita IV TSHD 1960 1472 m³
Bleasdale TSHD 1962 1000 m³
Churni TSHD 1961 3089 kW 1700 m³
Crofton TSHD 1963 1633 kW 650 m³
Khofo CSD 1964 7350 kW
L.M. Treasure TSHD 1962 1715 kW 2000 m³
SD Peraki TSHD 1960 1472 m³
SD Peraki TSHD 1960 1472 m³
Thaung Naing Yay TSHD 1962 750 m³
Trinity Sand GD 1961
W.D. Enterprise CSD 1961 4429 kW
WH Orbell TSHD 1963 1715 kW 2000 m³


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