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Scheepswerf en Machinefabriek De Liesbosch



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In 1934, the Amsterdamsche Ballast Maatschappij N.V. bought a neglected shipyard, forge and depot on the Merwede canal in Jutphaas, now Nieuwegein, just south of Utrecht. The Shipyard and Machine factory ‘De Liesbosch’ produced barges, pontoons, suction dredgers and dredgers for the Amsterdamse Ballast Maatschappij and the future Ballast Nedam and for external clients, both nationwide and overseas.

Some background information on Ballast Nedam Dredging: H.F. Boersma set up in business as a contractor in Den Haag from 1899 onwards. In 1917, Boersma founded the company Nederlandse Aannemingsmaatschappij N.V. The existence of the Amsterdamsche Ballast Maatschappij can be attributed to the North Sea canal. Its original operations back in 1877 were simplicity itself: empty merchant ships going to sea obtained dune sand as ballast. In later years, the company also applied itself to dredging. The Ballast Nedam Group came into being through the amalgamation of the two companies in 1969.

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Al-Wahda TSHD 1983 143 m³
Amsterdam I CSD 1958
Amsterdam III SD 1962
Bayonne TSHD 1955 966 m³
Belangkas TSHD 1972 330 m³
Boulogne II SD 1951
Cornelis Drebbel HB 1953 521 m³
DI 9 HB 1430 m³
Dordrecht II SD 1950
Emden BLD 1956 489 kW
Emden bld BLD 1956 489 kW
Glanford TSHD 1983 2471 kW 1428 m³
Glanford tshd TSHD 1983 2471 kW 1428 m³
Hardinxveld TSHD 1983 2471 kW 1428 m³
Heerenveen BLD 1922
IJssel PvW BLD 1922
IJsselmeer SD 1967
Inz. Marian Bukowski TSHD 1975 2974 kW 1600 m³
Koraalzee HB 1974 2182 kW 1000 m³
Kronos BLD 1956
Lesse II TSHD 1983 2874 kW 2065 m³
Liesbosch TSHD 1983 2471 kW 1428 m³
Marian B TSHD 1975 2974 kW 1600 m³
Marian B tshd TSHD 1975 2974 kW 1600 m³
Merwede SD+ 1921
Milford TSHD 1983 2874 kW 2065 m³
MO.-4003 until MO.- 4006 HB 398 m³
MO.10001-10003-10004-10005 HB 1500 m³
MO.10011 until MO.10016 HB 1969 1000 m³
MO.4 HB 413 m³
MO.4005 HB 398 m³
MO.5 HB 413 m³
MO.5002 HB 484 m³
MO.5003 HB 484 m³
MO.6 HB 413 m³
Nereus BLD 1963
Queen of Holland CSD 1968
Rhea BLD 1977 1406 kW
Rhea BLD 1977 1406 kW
Ronceray TSHD 1983 2471 kW 1428 m³
Rua Khut 3 CLD 243 kW
Santa Apolonia BLD 1970
Schellingwoude BUD 1964
Tradeway TSHD 1955 975 m³
Triton BLD 1963
Venserpolder SD 1967
Viking R TSHD 1974 2182 kW 1000 m³
Vlaanderen I TSHD 1983 2874 kW 2065 m³


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