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Peene Werft GmbH


Schiffbauerdamm 1
17438 Wolgast


+49-3836-250 0
+49-3836-250 153
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Hegemann Gruppe

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12 years 11 weeks ago


Throughout its more than 50 years of existence  the Peene-Werft GmbH - since 1992 a member of the Hegemann Group - has built more than 650 new ships thereof 257 naval vessel respectively repaired or refitted a multitude of vessels which have fully complied with the clients' requirements and which have proved their quality under quite different conditions of operation.

Closely connected with the take over by the notable businessman Detlef Hegemann was a fundamental modernization and reconstruction of the shipyard.

As a result of the modernization the Peene-Werft increased the efficiency substantially and is capable to design, to build and to deliver a great variety of ships essentially with high technical standard such as container vessels, RoLo ships, gas/chemical tankers, naval vessels, research vessels, vessels for special services, dredgers and other floating equipment.

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Aleksandr Uvarov BLD 1975 3939 kW
Balder R TSHD 2011 10504 kW 6000 m³
Darss HB 1995 1090 kW 1000 m³
Dunay BLD 1975 2742 kW
Dunay bld BLD 1975 2742 kW
Georgiy Nalivayko BLD 1974
Greifswald BLD 1975
Kemal S BLD 1975
Ladozhskaya BLD 1974 2742 kW
Njord R TSHD 2011 10504 kW 6000 m³
Optimus TSHD 1995 6090 kW 3906 m³
Ostsee TSHD 1995 6090 kW 3906 m³
Rion BLD 1975 1941 kW
Tsurupinsk BLD 1975 2000 kW
Wolgast BLD 1976
Zingst HB 1995 1090 kW 1000 m³



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