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Neptun Stahlbau GmbH


Werftallee 13
18119 Rostock


+49 381 384 1010
+49 381 384 1011
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Our company was founded in Rostock in 1850; the first vessel was launched in 1851.During the more than 150 years of the company’s history we have built more than 1500 new ships and repaired thousands of vessels for owners worldwide. After the reunification of Germany we lived though difficult times: the newbuilding of sea-going ships ceased and we focussed on the repair and modernization of all kind of ships as well as on the supply of ship sections. Since 1997 we are part of the Meyer Neptun group which includes also the Meyer Werft in Papenburg. Our production range centred on the maritime core-business and in 2000 we concentrated our entire production at the present location in Warnemünde. In addition river cruise vessels became part of our product portfolio. In order to safeguard the high quality level required in this market segment large halls were built in 2003 so that the vessels can be built under roof. Latest products of our company are gas tanks for LPG-Ethylene-carriers. Today we have some 400 well-experienced highly motivated employees and are ideally located with direct access to the open sea.

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Aleksandr Grebenshchikov BLD 1988
Bagermeister Grushyn BLD 1990 1691 kW
Bagrat Zakharyan BLD 1987 1926 kW
Belomorskaya BLD 1982 1708 kW
Dobrudja BLD 1988
Dvinsky Zaliv BLD 1989 1926 kW
Genichesk BLD 1982 1691 kW
Inzhener B. Mamedov BLD 1983
Ivan Bakhvalov BLD 1984 1707 kW
Jin Hang Jun 306 BLD 1989
Kamal LVI BLD 1983 1691 kW
Kamal XLVI BLD 1990 1691 kW
Kamal XXVI BLD 1989 2670 kW
Kamal XXXVI BLD 1987 1926 kW
Karanay BLD 1989
Kategats BLD 1984 1707 kW
Lyutoga BLD 1985
Lyutoga BLD 1985 1705 kW
Muhandis Balarza Mamedov BLD 1983 1760 kW
Nakhodka BLD 1983
Odin R SD 1984 7260 kW
Okhotsk BLD 1989 2670 kW
Pechora BLD 1986 1705 kW
Sari Kanarya BLD 1982 1760 kW
Schotsman TSHD 1983 2850 kW 1500 m³
Sivash BLD 1984
Skadovsk BLD 1982 1760 kW
Stepan Demeshev BLD 1988 1760 kW
Usedom BLD 1989 1494 kW
Vakul Prem BLD 1988 1760 kW
Viktor Lekarev BLD 1982 1760 kW


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