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Mazagon Dockyard Ltd (MDL)


Dockyard Road
Mumbai 400 010


+91-22-2373 8147
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Last updated

11 years 3 weeks ago


Main activities are ship building, ship repairs and fabrication of offshore structures with facilities situated at Mumbai and Nhava.  We have the capability to build warships, submarines, merchant ships upto 30,000 DWT and fabrication of well head platforms, process and production platforms and jack up rigs.  For outfitting work, the company has a large number of workshops with sophisticated equipment and machines specific to hull fabrication and ship construction work.

Repair work is also under taken using the available facilities.

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
A.G.D. Virat GD 1978
Agasti CSD 1972 530 kW
Commandant Mortenol TSHD 2000 2102 kW 1600 m³
DCI Dredge VII CSD 1976 5960 kW
DCI Dredge XVIII CSD 2009 10662 kW
EDT Simi TSHD 2000 2102 kW 1600 m³
Jalangi CSD 2004
Kamal XXV TSHD 1975 3068 kW 2950 m³
Kutch Vallabh TSHD 1975 3068 kW 2950 m³
Mahananda CSD 2004
Mandovi II TSHD 1975 6780 kW 2500 m³
Meena Kerala CSD 1974 734 kW
Parana tshd TSHD 2000 2102 kW 1600 m³
Tizu CSD 2004
Vishal TSHD 840 m³
Vivek GD 1997 900 m³
Vivek Prem GD 1997 900 m³


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