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J.J. Sietas KG Schiffswerft GmbH u. Co


Neuenfelder Fährdeich 88
21129 Hamburg


+49 40 745 11 01
+49 40 745 11 295
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1635 - 2014
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The J. J. Sietas shipyard has been in existence in the west of Hamburg on the south bank of the Elbe since 1635. Situated near Germany's largest seaport, this innovative shipyard with its long tradition has proved itself again and again over the centuries.

In addition to building large cargo ship series in the container feeder segment, the yard has also developed numerous special types of vessels in order to be competitive in all market situations.

The Sietas group today not only builds and fits out ships, but with the help of its subsidiaries it also offers a wide range of services and manufacturing.



The Pella Sietas Gmbh results from a merger between JJ Sietas KG and Open JSC Pella. From Hamburgs Russian twin city St.Petersburg. As a consequence of this merger between Sietas and Pella in April 2014 emerges a strong partner in shipbuilding industry who is able to understand customers‘ wishes and to meet the demands of the future.



Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Aeolus SP 2014 18688 kW
Beachway tshd THSD 2010 7350 m³
Eke Mobius TSHD 2012 5550 m³
Eke Mobius tshd TSHD 2012 6760 kW 7350 m³
Medway tshd TSHD 2012 6760 kW 7350 m³
Nordnes STFV 2001 17632 kW 17744 m³
Rocknes STFV 2001
Werner Mobius THSD 2010 7350 m³


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