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Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding


2851 Pudong Dadao, Shanghai


+86-21-5871 3222
+86-21-5871 2603
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Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. is a large shipbuilding enterprise under the leadership of China Shipbuilding Group Corporation (CSSC). As a comprehensive enterprise group in China building not only merchant and military ships but also heavy duty diesel engines as well as large steel structures, the Group is founded through merger between Hudong Shipbuilding Group and Zhonghua shipyard. The head office of the group is located at Pudong New Area, with major production areas at the east part of Shanghai, along both sides of Huangpu River, covering an area of 1.35 million m2 and 2000 meters of wharf line.

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Hang Jun 10 TSHD 1996 4229 kW 1500 m³
Hang Jun 11 TSHD 1997 4229 kW 1500 m³
Hang Jun 12 TSHD 1997 4229 kW 1500 m³
Hang Jun 14 TSHD 1998 4229 kW 1500 m³
Hang Jun 15 TSHD 1999 4229 kW 1500 m³
Hang Jun 17 TSHD 2001 3120 kW 1500 m³
Hang Jun 19 TSHD 2001 3120 kW 1500 m³
Hang Jun 5 (ex12) TSHD 1997 4229 kW 1500 m³
Hang Lian 503 BLD 1988 730 kW
Hang Lian 504 BLD 1988 2661 kW
Hang Lian 505 BLD 1988 2661 kW
Hang Lian 506 BLD 1988 730 kW
Hang Lian 507 BLD 1988 730 kW
Shen Hua TSHD 2004 10995 kW 5000 m³
Shen Hua Jun 1 TSHD 2004 10995 kW 5000 m³


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