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Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft AG (HDW)


Werftstr. 112/114
24143 Kiel


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Last updated

9 years 41 weeks ago


Since January 2005 the Kiel-based company of Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH has been part of the European shipyard concern ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems AG, which has its headquarters in Hamburg.

In addition to Hamburg and Kiel, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems has other bases located in Emden (Germany), Karlskrona and Malmö (Sweden) and in Skaramanga (Greece).


Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Andre B BD 1985
Atlas II GD 1985
Basrah TSHD 1993 2059 kW 1800 m³
Seekies TSHD 1993 2059 kW 1800 m³
W.D. 51 HB 1941 450 m³
W.D. 52 HB 1941 450 m³
W.D. 53 (WD 53) TSHD 1941 1147 m³
W.D. Fairway - old TSHD 1941 1236 m³
W.D. Waterway - old TSHD 1941 1201 m³


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