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Holland Dredge Design B.V.


Réaumurstraat 12
3846 BZ Harderwijk


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Holland Dredge Design is specialised in the engineering, designing, building, supplying and maintenance of all sorts of dredgers and dredging equipment for the smooth and cost-efficient extraction of sand and gravel. Holland Dredge Design is also specialised in restoring and adapting older suction dredgers. Holland Dredge Design is also a reliable supplier for spare parts, special components like several types of floating pipelines (steel, HDPE, UHMWE). Another part of our service is the selling and reselling of used dredgers and equipment. 


International engineering and building management 
Holland Dredge Design is established on the foundation of the well-known company Bagema B.V., a former international supplier of dredging systems for the extraction of sand and gravel. Jan Bosman, owner of Holland Dredge Design, is former CEO of Bagema B.V. and has an extensive management and field experience. All our engineers offer you solid technical advice and over 30 years of experience of engineering and building management in the international dredging industry. video testting cutterdredger 200

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
2 x CSD 200 CSD 2016
Boka E-dredge CSD 2023


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