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The Hakodate Dock Co Ltd.


Hakodate Head office
20-3, Benten-cho


+81-138-22 3150
+81-138-22 1941

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In 1896, the company was founded in Hakodate viewing scenic Tugaru Straight.
For over a century, we have met various needs and demands for shipbuilding, ship repair, bridge construction and industrial machineries as the largest heavy industry company in the north of Japan.  

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Amur CSD
Amur SPEC 1000 kW
Chan Yang 330-1 DD 1979
Chan Yang 330-2 DD 1979
Daishun Go BD 1963
Dejima SD 1974
Hua Jiun No. 1 DIP 1972
Iburi Go BLD 1962
JUN 736 DIP 1974
Kaiyo Maru no. 2 HB 3000 m³
Podvodnik 1 BLD 1977
Rialto M Christensen BD, 1977
SHUN 795 - 796 - 797 DD 1979


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