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DSC Dredge LLC (Dredging Supply Company, Inc.)


Corporate Office
156 Airport Road
Reserve LA 70084
United States


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Dredging Supply Company, Inc. is located at 156 Airport Road in Reserve, Louisiana, approximately 25 miles from the New orleans International Airport. The Company purchased 16 acres of property in Reserve during 1998 and soon after began construction on its manufacturing complex in early 1999. By January 2000, the Company had relocated its manufacturing operations to this facility and began plans for phase II of its expansion. DSC designed its corporate office building in 2001 and was able to relocate its entire Corporate office to this complex by February 2002. The move was significant because it consolidated all departments into one location thereby increasing its efficiency and engineering capabilities. Phase III began early 2009 and will include the addition of an engineering facility to house the engineering and automation departments.

DSC's manufacturing complex encompasses over 27,000 square feet of work area under roof and consists of a workshop building, manufacturing building, sandblasting building, paint building, inventory building, and machine shop. Approximately 60 employees work at this site.

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Arkhola custom CSD 2008 1180 kW
Azibapu CSD 2013 1182 kW
Bashundara Marlin 1 CSD 2011 2267 kW
Bashundara Marlin 2 CSD 2011 2267 kW
Edward S 'Ned' Reed CSD 2010
Fullerton csd 2004 1030 kW
Gator II CSD 2016 403 kW
General Marshall CSD 2022 2200 kW
Holcim Shark CSD 2011 552 kW
Japaul Marlin I CSD 2015 2557 kW
Japaul Marlin II CSD 2015 1401 kW
Lady Rachel CSD 1200 kW
Liberator CSD 2013 3108 kW
LPA Barracuda CSD 2014 721 kW
Manteo CSD 2016
Millennium CSD 5259 kW
NN Wolverine Class CSD 2017
Norilsk Shark 1 CSD 2012 448 kW
Norilsk Shark 2 CSD 2012 448 kW
Norilsk Shark 3 CSD 2012 448 kW
Pawnee II CSD 2012
Phosphator CSD 2013 3108 kW
Shell Canada Shark 1 CSD 2014 1120 kW
Shell Canada Shark 2 CSD 2014 1120 kW
Tomlinson Shark CSD 2014 1037 kW
Victor Buhr CSD 2015 820 kW
Wolverine SD 2012


Name Country
M & S Equipment United States


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