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De Haas Maassluis BV


G. van Wijnkade 1
P.O.Box 2
3140 AA Maassluis


+31-10-591 3511
+31-10-591 7554
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About specialised in the full maintenance, repair and/or renovation of professional vessels, luxury yachts and other boats with a length of 10 to 65 meters (32.8 to 213 ft) and a draught of over 4 meters (13 ft). The yard is also fully equipped for the construction of specialist vessels in steel and aluminium. We use our “Marine Travelift” for boats of up to 100 tonnes weight as it enables us to hoist your boat out of the water efficiently and drive it into one of our specially equipped boat-repairing bays. In these bays, we can carry out all the work we have to do under excellent conditions and throughout the year. We also have state-of-the art longitudinal slopes at our disposal for vessels up to 750 tons. At a shipyard, the work is all about know-how and the love of the craft. You can count on us if this is what matters to you too.

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Broedertrouw 14 Tug 1956 295 kW
Broedertrouw 15 Tug 1956 390 kW


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