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Chowgule & Co. Ltd.


Chowgule House
Mormugoa Harbour
Goa 403 803


+91- 832-252 1010
+91- 832-252 1011
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Last updated

11 years 36 weeks ago


With the experience and expertise to build a gamut of maritime vessels, ranging from ore-carrying barges, grab and suction dredgers and deep-sea fishing trawlers to offshore drilling rigs, tugs, pontoons, launches, hopper barges and coastal vessels, the yard has pioneered full construction of the ocean going vessels in the private sector in Goa. Till date, we have constructed over 100 vessels at the yard comprising of Iron Ore Barges, Passenger Vessels, Deep Sea Refrigerated Fishing Trawlers, Grab and Cutter Suction Dredgers, Tugs, Twin-hull Catamarans, Floating Restaurants, etc. The Chowgule & Company Shipyard also holds an International Ship Repair Licence issued by the Directorate General of Shipping(Mumbai) and takes up the repairs of sea-going vessels.

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Pride GD 1989 2396 kW 450 m³
Sal GD, 1976 747 kW 250 m³


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