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ASL Shipyard Pte. Ltd.


General/Corporate Office
19 Pandan Road
Singapore 609271


+65-6264 3833
+65-6268 0274
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ASL Marine Holdings Ltd is a fully integrated marine company with a strong focus in shipbuilding, shiprepair, ship conversion, shipchartering and other marine related services, catering to customers mainly from Asia Pacific, South Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Headquartered in Singapore, ASL Marine owns and operates 3 shipyards in Singapore, Indonesia and China.

Over the past 30 years, the Group has developed a niche market in building and repairing medium size vessels. The Group has the capacity to build vessels of up to 150 metre in length, including Offshore Support Vessels, Tugs and Tankers. The Group currently operates a 20,000 dwt floating dock and a 150,000 dwt graving dry dock in its shipyard in Batam, Indonesia which is one of the few shipyards in the region capable of repairing Capesize vessels. In addition, ASL Marine owns and operates a fleet of more than 170 tugboats and barges, providing shipchartering services mainly to customers in offshore oil and gas industry, marine and offshore infrastructure sector such as dredging and land reclamation, transportation of heavy equipment and materials. On July23, 1992, our shipbuilding and shiprepair businesses were spun off from Ang Sin Liu Construction into a new corporate entity, Ang Sin Liu Shipyard Pte Ltd ("ASL Shipyard"). With the incorporation of ASL Shipyard, there was more focus on our shipbuilding and shiprepair operations. Both the new corporate identity and the greater focus on shipyard operations placed us in a better position when vying for business, particularly in bidding for contracts from larger players in the shipping industry. 



Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Al Jarraf CSD 2010 12860 kW
Alawir TSHD 2005 1138 kW 700 m³
Amaniel TSHD 2007 1138 kW 700 m³
Amazone CSD 2012 12860 kW
Atunumat TSHD 2007 1138 kW 700 m³
Cassiopeia V CSD 2013 19215 kW
SPLIT 4 HB 2000
Wurtol TSHD 1999 1140 kW 700 m³


Name Country
Vosta LMG B.V. Netherlands


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