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Alex Stephen & Sons Ltd.


United Kingdom


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1750 - 1971
Ceased activities

Last updated

11 years 4 weeks ago

Equipment built

Name Type Built Power Volume
Ali TSHD 1964 1872 kW 1223 m³
Alwardi 1 TSHD 1964 1872 kW 1223 m³
Arabatskiy TSHD 1966 2580 kW 1183 m³
Nassau Bay CSD 1966 5100 kW
ONEGSKI - TSHD 1966 2857 kW 1183 m³
ONEZHSKAYA TSHD 1966 2857 kW 1183 m³
Rasheed TSHD 1964 1872 kW 1223 m³
Ribbok TSHD 1967 2830 m³
Severodvinskiy TSHD 1966 2422 kW 1183 m³
Skitter Ness TSHD 1964 1872 kW 1223 m³


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