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Zandhandel Faasse BV


Albert Joachimikade 35


+31 113 220 020
+31 113 230 296
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Postal Address

PO Box 366
4460 AT

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Family aggregate company, with more than 100 years history, in the Southwest of The Netherlands. One of the major players on the market in both the Southwest area of the Netherlands as in Belgium.   see for tshd Scald - owner Scald BV

Equipment - active

Type Number Power Volume
Trailing suction hopper dredgers 4 5970 kW 6100 m³
Hopper barges 6 5753 m³
Name Type Built Power Volume
Arenda HB 663 m³
Clasina Maria HB 806 m³
Deo Gloria TSHD 1978 1060 kW 1300 m³
Kaiserberg SD 1966 1630 kW
Sardan HB 1149 m³
SCALD TSHD 2007 1800 m³
Schenge tshd 3280 kW 3000 m³
Stuivezand HB 640 m³
Willem HB 1295 m³
Zandkreek HB 1961 1200 m³

Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Gregory --- 743 kW 790 m³
Paula F HB 433 m³
Qui-Vadis HB 750 m³


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scald - see Scald BV